Making Facebook Safer for Users

If you use Facebook regularly you may have noticed that the Facebook developers have been trying to make the site safer. They have added in all kinds of new settings so that you can limit who can see your pages and what exactly they can see.

But if Facebook is to become even safer, they’ll need make sure there are safeguards against hackers who will try to post malicious links on your page, sending your friends to dangerous websites that could download unwanted software or steal their personal information.

Enter Websense, a software company specializing in web security, email security and data security. They announced last week that they developed the first security application for Facebook. Facebook users can now monitor their pages for unwanted content, including spam comments, profanity, and links to malware. This is especially helpful for business who have a Facebook presence. See for yourself in the video they posted on YouTube.

The YouTube video (this link will open a video with instant playback).


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