The Sony PlayStation Network Attack

As you may have heard in the news, last month the Sony PlayStation Network — the network that gives PS3 and PSP system owners access to games, movies, music and TV programs — experienced an unauthorized intrusion of its system, possibly exposing personal data and credit card information.

A criminal investigation is currently underway to find the perpetrators and determine if sensitive information was accessed or is being sold on the black market. The network currently has 77 million registered accounts.

Sony says that the credit card data was encrypted and did not include the 3-digit security codes, so it is unlikely the attackers can use the information in the database to their advantage. But discussions on hackers forums indicate that the attackers are selling the credit card data for $100,000, and are even offering to sell it back to Sony.

For those affected, in their Q&A post Sony encourages you to be especially aware of email, telephone and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information. Sony will not contact you for this information. They recommend that you change your PlayStation Network and Qriocity password as soon as possible (network access has finally been restored for some users). If you used the old password in other places, you should change it there as well. As a good habit, it is always recommended to monitor your card’s account statements and your credit reports for any suspicious activity.


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