Scareware Defeats Apple Security Update

Last week (May 31) Apple released a security update to rid Macs of the menacing malware that has been around for nearly a month and is attempting to get users to purchase a bogus anti-virus software known as MacDefender, MacProtector or MacSecurity. But shortly after the update was released, cyber-criminals released a new variant of the malware that can defeat the security efforts.

Apple’s Security Update 2011-003, available for Mac OS X 10.6.7, includes a malware removal tool that searches for and destroys the known variants of the malware. It is not clear how Apple will keep ahead of the new variants, but the malware removal tool does allow for the updating of “definitions,” malware profiles that let the software identify viruses.

If you are running virus protection software on your Mac already, you are likely better protected. McAfee and other third-party anti-virus software vendors are usually very quick to update their definitions and catch newly released malware. How to avoid or remove the malware.

MIT community members can download the Mac version of McAfee Security from IS&T.


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