PGP Desktop and Mac Support

Scenario: You are using a Mac computer at MIT and would like to secure your hard drive with PGP Desktop encryption. You have, however, noticed that when Apple releases a new version of the operating system, or when the company releases a security update to the current operating system, Symantec is not providing a version of PGP Desktop that can run on it.

Symantec purchased PGP Desktop last year, and there has been hope that the larger company would be able to support Mac OS X operating system patches and new versions. However, to date, it has been slow to do so.

For example, Apple released Mac OS X 10.7.3 last month but the current version of PGP Desktop for Mac is not working on it. Symantec has told users to NOT upgrade to 10.7.3 if running PGP Desktop.

What do you do? Should you wait to take the update?

We don’t think this choice is always feasible. IS&T has therefore suggested that Mac users try FileVault 2 as an encryption option instead, with the caveat that it has some additional risks. Recommendations for using FileVault 2 have been documented in Hermes.

Please send any questions about using PGP Desktop at MIT to (note: this email is for MIT community members only).


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