Silent Updates Now Available for Firefox

Firefox 12 is now available. The newest version of the browser incorporates an element of its planned silent updates. Users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 will notice that after the initial installation of the newest version of Firefox, the updates will no longer trigger the user account control prompt, which requires users to agree when programs are installed. The final components necessary for silent updating will appear in Firefox 13 or 14, which are slated to ship on June 5 and July 17, respectively.

On April 24 Mozilla also retired Firefox 3.6; users who have admin rights to their computers and who have not already updated will find themselves automatically updated to Firefox 12.

IS&T will be supporting Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) for the MIT community. It allows IT admins who maintain a desktop environment to manage updates of Firefox. An announcement about this from IS&T is to be released soon.

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