Social Networking Sites and Security

Twitter Supports “Do Not Track”

Do Not Track (DNT) is a privacy preference that users can set in their web browsers. Twitter now supports DNT and provides clients with choices about the information Twitter collects. The company provides this article explaining DNT and how to enable it when visiting the Twitter site or other web sites.

Facebook Allegedly Tracks Web Usage

In similar news, Facebook was sued for $15 billion over alleged privacy infraction. Law firm Stewarts Law announced last week that it combined 21 privacy lawsuits against the social network into a single, class-action suit. They are charging the social network with violating user privacy by allegedly tracking their Web usage.

Malware Targeting Social Networks is Spreading

On the malware front, a cross-browser extension development framework, called Crossrider, is being used by attackers to build click-fraud worms. Click-fraud occurs when attackers provide links on social networking sites that use fake advertisement modules. When a user clicks or views these ads, the malware’s creators earn money through affiliate programs. Learn more in this article by ComputerWorld.


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