Phishing Emails Appear to Come from MIT

You may receive emails in your inbox that appear to come from MIT, warning you about your email quota being reached, or requiring a response to the “MIT Help Desk.”

These emails are spoofed, written to look like they come from a legitimate source, but were actually sent by cyber criminals who are trying to get you to click on a link or to provide your personal information (such as your email account information). See some examples of these fake emails.

Unfortunately, many of these emails make it through the spam-filtering tools of MIT. The best way to handle the emails is to not reply, or click on the links or attachments provided, but to delete them immediately. If you are concerned about spam, please contact the IS&T Help Desk.

IMPORTANT: IS&T will never send a request via email to MIT users to either update their email account or follow a link to verify their account.


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