Virus Protection at MIT

Virus protection, when used correctly, prevents viruses, adware, spyware and other malicious code from accessing your computer, where cyber criminals could collect sensitive information, turn your computer into a bot that sends out malware or spam, or modify the computer in other ways without your authorization.

At MIT, computers on the network may be more exposed to such risks than they would be on a home or company network, because of the nature of the work being done here at the Institute. Education, collaboration and research require the MIT network and other IT resources to be highly available at all times, thus restrictions are less likely to be applied.

IS&T provides tools and resources for the MIT community to ensure computer users have a layered defense against many of these threats. For example, free virus protection software. The virus protection application provided by MIT is the McAfee suite of products:

  • Mac: McAfee Security 1.2
  • Windows: VirusScan Enterprise 8.8
  • Linux: VirusScan 5.20

Key features of the application are, among other things, centralized and simplified security management, proactive threat protection, continuous and on-demand scanning and seamless security updating.

Learn more or download virus protection from the IS&T software grid.


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