The Disasters of a Backup Failure

Have you ever lost the latest work you had done on a file due to some kind of computer or software failure and realized you didn’t back it up? Or maybe somehow you deleted the one version of the file you had backed up?

Think of all the files you keep on your computer: work documents, personal documents, emails, music, photos, and home videos. Do you have second copies of these stored somewhere so that, should disaster strike, you can restore them?

If you haven’t made second copies, then let’s look at all the ways you could lose data easily: a residential fire, a stolen or lost laptop, a hard drive that crashes (which apparently occurs somewhere in the world every 15 seconds) or a computer virus!

Not scared yet? View this infographic from Online Backup Geeks (click on the image to zoom in) to see how major companies or organizations lost important data, including the backup recordings of the Apollo 11 landing, Toy Story 2, and the personal phone data of T-Mobile customers nationwide.

Let us avoid these kinds of disasters. See how you, as an MIT community member, can preserve your data and restore files using Tivoli Storage Manager, a service provided by Information Services & Technology.


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