MIT Web Certificates Renewal Period

As happens each year around this time, your MIT personal web certificate requires renewal. Certificates will expire on July 31, 2013. To ensure continued access to MIT’s secure web applications, such as Benefits, SAPweb, WebSIS, COEUS Lite, and ePaystubs, plan to renew in the coming weeks.

Certificates are a safe way for our web applications to identify you without you needing to type in a username and password. They must be installed on each browser for each computer that you use for accessing certificate-protected sites.

This KB article can help you install/renew your certificates or troubleshoot any problems you encounter. If you still need help, please contact the IS&T Help Desk.

Because certificates may give you access to sensitive information, it’s important to protect them with a strong Kerberos password. Please note that this year you may need to update your Kerberos password if you have not changed it in over a year. Additional information on new password requirements are mentioned in the article below.


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