Sophos Replaces McAfee at MIT

There has been quite a bit of activity recently to improve information security at the Institute. One such effort, initiated by Information Services & Technology, is aimed at providing the MIT community with a new malware protection product. After several months of testing, Sophos Anti-Virus was selected by IS&T as the best solution.

As of July 1, you can download Sophos to a Mac, PC or Linux machine; documentation on installing and using Sophos has been added to The Knowledge Base.

Sophos is replacing the malware protection products by McAfee. One of the most important differences between the two is that Sophos comes with console management, which provides IT administrators with some useful intelligence, including notifications when malware has been detected on machines. The software has also shown to run more quietly (and almost invisibly) in the background.

Please contact the IS&T Help Desk for any questions or concerns.


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