Adobe Network Attacked

Adobe-LogoAdobe’s security team recently discovered sophisticated attacks on their network, involving the illegal access of information for approximately 2.9 million Adobe customers, as well as source code for numerous Adobe products. Adobe believes attacks may be related. They are working diligently, both internally and with partners and law enforcement, to address the incident.


Adobe recommends these steps:

  • Reset your Adobe ID and password.
  • Protect yourself against phishing.

IS&T recommends using the same vigilance as always for safe computing. If you are taking proactive steps to secure your computer, including applying patches immediately after release, and using virus protection software, there is a good chance of avoiding any issues.

Read the full Adobe security alert.

An MIT colleague mentioned to me that the Adobe security alert was also emailed out to Adobe customers. If you did receive one, you might be tempted to ignore it, or assume it is a scam.

As with all emails that might seem fake, be sure to verify that the email came from an Adobe email address and that any links embedded in the message truly link to an web page. Other things to look for in “phishy” emails.


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