Free from SANS: Holiday Hacking Challenge

The SANS tenth annual holiday hacking challenge, using themes from the classic It’s a Wonderful Life holiday movie, is their most exciting and in-depth challenge ever.  You’ll match wits with nasty cyber attackers, analyzing their techniques in depth to help save the city and George Bailey’s life!  Based on the technical infrastructure of SANS CyberCity project, this fun and informative challenge will help you pick up valuable real-world skills in defending critical infrastructures.

You see, the city of Bedford Falls is under cyber attack, and on Christmas Eve no less! Dastardly villains have targeted its train switching system, water reservoir, traffic lights, and even its power

grid. George Bailey, head of infosec for the town, is all that stands between Bedford Falls and disaster. Suddenly, all the lights in town go dark… And that’s where you come in.

To read and participate in this FREE challenge, click here.


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