The Story Behind the Breach at Target, Inc. has written an in-depth article and posted a video explaining how Target Stores were breached and their systems infected with malware, leading to one of the biggest data thefts in retail history. According to the investigation conducted after the discovery of the theft, Target employees failed to respond to several alerts made by their security system, provided by FireEye. Had Target security staff responded appropriately to the alarms, they could have prevented the transmission of the stolen credit card data.

Even without human intervention, the breach could’ve been stopped, according to the article. “The system has an option to automatically delete malware as it’s detected. But according to two people who audited FireEye’s performance after the breach, Target’s security team turned that function off.” While not unusual, it puts pressure on a team to quickly find and neutralize the infected computers.

It was clear, according to the article, that Target was getting warnings of a serious compromise; even the company’s antivirus system by Symantec, identified suspicious behavior over several days around Thanksgiving – pointing to the same server identified by FireEye.

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