Security Predictions of 2015

What will be this year’s biggest security threats? Each time January rolls around, security professionals look at past threats and try to determine what will happen in the upcoming year. It’s a good idea to be one step ahead of criminal hackers, but it isn’t always possible.

This article in Wired reviews several on-going threats it considers at the top of the list:

  • Nation-State Attacks: government intelligence agencies that use malware to eavesdrop on telecommunication systems, for example
  • Extortion: on a larger scale we saw the attack on Sony Pictures, on a smaller scale there is ransomware that targets individuals
  • Data Destruction: similar to the ransomware threats, but this malware wipes data and master boot records
  • Bank Card Breaches: hacking point-of-sale systems, skimmers, and other methods of stealing card data
  • Third-Party Breaches: a company or service is hacked solely for the purpose of obtaining data from a more important target
  • Critical Infrastructure: attacks that aim to sabotage various programs or services

Read the article in full online.


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