February is Data Privacy Month

dataprivacymonthEducause.edu is the sponsor of Data Privacy Month, a month-long effort to support universities and colleges with raising awareness of data privacy issues.

The month started off with Data Privacy Day on January 28th. The day reminds us that we can all do our part to help ensure our community is respectful of privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.

View the free webinar recording of “The Power of Privacy and the Passion to Build Something Better,” that was held on January 20th by Michelle Dennedy, vice president and chief privacy officer at McAfee.

Higher Education and Information Security

Higher education leaders face a challenge when making choices regarding using new technologies — such as whether or not to move enterprise applications and infrastructure to the cloud — and minimizing risk. How do they ensure adequate protection is in place for the vast amounts of information being collected, processed and stored?

The focus of a recent article posted on Educause.edu looks at the advantages that can be gained by achieving a balance between these two objectives.

Highlights of the article include:

  • Ongoing challenges such as the relative obscurity of information security and a lack of buy-in from a school’s administrators and staff.
  • Are schools ready and structured in a way to face these challenges?
  • The benefits of effective collaboration between the security staff, IT and leadership.

Read the full article at Educause.edu

Data Privacy Day and Month

January 28th is Data Privacy Day, which celebrates the effort to protect the privacy of citizens. It also kicks off Data Privacy Month, sponsored by EDUCAUSE. To get involved and learn how you or your business area can take steps to safeguard privacy online, check out some of the free available resources.

Learn more about Data Privacy Day.

Data Privacy Month: Are You Smarter Than Your Phone?

At Educause (www.educause.edu), January is data privacy month, an annual effort to empower people to protect the privacy of their data and to control their digital footprint.

The month’s efforts lead up to Data Privacy Day, held every year on January 28th in several countries, including Canada and the United States.

Educause is hosting several free webinars throughout the month of January. The first one, “Are You Smarter Than Your Phone?” talks about how you should make use of your smartphone on campus:

January 9, 2013
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET
Details and registration (for free) are here

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Events

This month (National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, or NCSAM) you can increase cybersecurity awareness by attending events or participating in some of the activities being sponsored by Educause:

  • October 4 National Cybersecurity Kickoff Webinar. Registration is free and you can do so online to attend on your own from your work station. Or just join us in E17 in the Learning Center, on October 4 at 1 p.m. with the option to stay afterwards for a brief discussion on the topic. The webinar is presented by Dave Cullinane, CISO at eBay (retired) and co-founder of the Cloud Security Alliance, and will discuss challenges such as cloud security, privacy, compliance, BYOD, enterprise risk management and other issues currently faced by campuses.
  • Student Video & Poster Contest – Educause in partnership with Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) is conducting a contest in search of short information security awareness videos and posters developed by college students for college students. The deadline for submission is March 8, 2012. Winners receive cash prizes and their video or poster will be featured on the HEISC website. Details of this contest can be found on the Educause website.

In the meantime, know that cybercrime is not a laughing matter, but here’s a pretty humorous video about cyber criminals.

Have any ideas for how to increase awareness in your area? Let me know by writing to me directly (myeaton@mit.edu). Otherwise, check out the NCSAM resource kit for ideas on how to plan for the month.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again! October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Help raise awareness with faculty, staff, and students in October by promoting National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). EDUCAUSE is one of the sponsors of the campaign, as many higher education institutions hold security awareness events in October. If you plan on doing something around this topic, please share your plans and any applicable URL’s by sending an e-mail to security-council@educause.edu so your activities can be included with the list of 2011 campus events.

Suggested resources:

MIT will also be doing its part. The IT Security team will post information on the IS&T website throughout the month. Stay tuned. If you have any suggestions or questions about what can be done to raise awareness at MIT, please contact me directly at myeaton@mit.edu.

Information Security Awareness Poster & Video Contest 2011

Win cash, gain experience, and earn recognition with a poster or one short video!

The EDUCAUSE & Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council is conducting its fourth contest in search of posters and short information security awareness videos developed by college students, for college students.

Winners will receive cash prizes. The posters and videos will be featured on the EDUCAUSE website and may be used in campus security awareness campaigns. Winners will be notified in late April 2011.

Deadline for submission is March 11, 2011.

Further information about the contest.